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Chromebook Reboot Loop

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

My Chromebook (a Samsung XE500C21) ended up stuck in a reboot loop. Various keyboard shortcuts I found online didn’t work and I ended up having to wipe the disk and restore from a recovery image. Fortunately all data was in Google Drive anyways. I had to perform a Chromebook hard reset to get to the recovery screen. I wrote down the model number and then followed the recovery instructions for using a USB stick: Chromebook Recovery Image . I used the Linux based method. The tool found a suitable boot image, wrote it onto the designated USB stick. I did another hard reset and then inserted the USB stick with the image. The image installed itself without further intervention and after a reboot everything was fixed. All my settings, Chrome extensions etc. were synced to the machine after the first login. The only thing not synced was the wallpaper. Oh well…