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Funny text ads in Gmail

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I just had a look at my spam-folder in my gmail account, and noticed that Gmail shows “Spam-Recipes” as advertisements (“Savory Spam Crescents”). Amusing…

Copyright law

Monday, April 9th, 2007

I found one most insightful piece on copyright law on youtube using the Amen break as an example.

Caffeine Rave party (by Triad Dragons) …

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Last Saturday (3/31/07) I went to the Caffeine Music and Arts Festival Rave party (by Triad Dragons) in Littleton (Denver). The event started at 8PM and was supposed to go until 5am in the morning. This must have been the worst organized event I have ever been to. I bought tickets online, arrived at 9PM and stood with thousands of other people in line in the cold. Everybody had their ticket already and it took 2 hours of standing in line to be able to see the entrance. It was cold, and everybody (including me) was wearing thin stuff like t-shirts etc. This is ridiculous. At 11PM I left as it probably would have taken another hour or so (given the speed the line was moving) to get to the entrance from where I was. Given that they expected a couple of thousand people to attend, they had (from what I could see from where I was) only two (2!) people to pat down visitors for drugs and weapons. Maybe the rest was on break or whatever, but one would expect that they can afford enough staff for the event for $35/ticket. I will most certainly not attend the Caffeine Festival 2008, and I will let anybody (who wants to hear about it) know about how things went in 2007. I am upset …