Kids, Games and Sociopaths

In an interview of Professor Marc Bekoff on the radio he described some of the research on sociopathy and playing games. Research indicates that sociopaths don’t play and never learned how to play with other people. A lot of learning is done by playing, boundaries and rules are established and kids learn how to get along with other kids. And then you have a school ban the game of tag and other chase games and even a Virginia School banning all touching between kids. I wonder if the school thought about the consequences of these policies. The kids might turn out like the one in this story illustrating the negative effects of child fear mongering and overprotective parenting. What are kids in Virginia supposed to do? I guess we should have more video games in school then 🙂 (sidenode: see player quits World of Warcraft (WoW) as an extreme example for how excessive video games can mess up lives). Interesting times indeed…

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